About the Journal

Educational Journal of Innovation and Publication (EJIP) is a scientific journal that contains research articles that focus on the development of education. EJIP is for students, lecturers, teachers and researchers who want to collaborate. EJIP is published four times a year (January, April, September and December) by Yayasan Pendidikan dan Riset Excel Akademika. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editor and then by reviewers according to their expertise.


International Journal of Social Sciences, Social Study and Humaniora (I-JOSSSSH)

International Journal of Health Education and Therapy (IJ-HET)

International Journal of Education and Technology (I-JET)

Jurnal Prajaiswara

At-Ta'lim : Media Informasi Pendidikan Islam

PPSDP Undergraduate Journal of Educational Sciences

Journal of E-Learning, Multimedia, and Discourse of Teacher (JEMDT)